how precious are these photos from the eloise suite at the plaza hotel, designed by betsy johnson! for $1,125 a night you can relive your favorite childhood story….or at least you can in 2012; the room (which was literally just finished) is booked through the rest of the year.

just think, you could be living in childhood luxury with the possibility of witnessing another charlie sheen debacle across the hall 🙂

story via wwd

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missoni for target

check out the first official ad for the zig-zagged collaboration between missoni and target, which launches this september! the colab is the biggest to date with 400 apparel and lifestyle pieces…..BOoM! who’s excited?

photo via the cut


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happy birthday yves!

today marks what would have been yves saint laurent’s 75th birthday. hats off to you, mr. laurent!

 an avid bow tie wearer = a man after my own heart ❤ how great are these kate YSL ads? swooon.

this video is so good. the music is ridiculous, i have no idea if it was used in show 🙂

photos from stardust here here here and here

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retail lifesaver

while in school at FIDM this past year i can’t tell you how much research i found on retail strategies that emphasize the story or background of a product, explaining where it came from, how it’s made, etc. whether it be behind the scenes footage of the creation of the product, spotlight features about the designers or an overview of textiles used, consumers are expecting to connect to products and brands on a deeper level by understanding the creative process. the row used to be a perfect example of this before they redid their website – their landing page was formally high resolution snapshots of the rich textiles they used in their collection, giving the user an idea of why that sweater retailed for $1500….

and in today’s news the strategy spills over to mega-retailer the gap, who is in desperate need of brand rejuvenation (as you probably already know). the company recently launched their latest campaign that takes us behind the scenes of the 1969 denim factory in LA (above photo) as well as introducing us to unknown designers and creatives. collaborating with the cool hunter (the name says it all) the company pushed 30 short videos out showcasing the factories and teams working to make the company hip again.

aside from the major print publications / glossies, videos will be featured on cool hunting, refinery29, dailycandy, fabsugar, glam, hulu, pandora, lookbook, trendcentral, rolling stone and the brand’s facebook page. talk about a target audience.

seth farbman, gap’s global CMO explains: “it’s quite a shift from past campaigns. this is the beginning of a longer-term strategy…targeting millennials, whose retail allegiances to the gap in many cases have frayed. the campaign will be more visible in the social media and digital world, than in traditional media. when you look at how millennials consume information, it is not in a simple, transactional way.”

what do you think? will the new campaign / videos entice you to revisit the brand? for me, it’s going to take more than a solid marketing strategy to get me to spend money there – i could do an entirely separate post on the quality of clothes / design but i’ll spare you my bitching 🙂

story via WWD

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three cheers to interns of the world

we all loved the devil wears prada, but we also wonder what the heck is really going on inside the glass doors of some of fashion’s biggest and best publications.

behold the intern diaries – notes from the fashion underground, which gives a hilarious breakdown of intern work at the major glossies. they are seriously addicting, check out a snippet from the site:

7:30 a.m. My head hurts.
7:32 Receive a text from an unknown number. WHAT did I do last night?
8:15 Attempt to curl my stick-straight hair of Asian silk. Every curl goes limp the minute I take the curling iron away. New plan.
8:35 Run a flat iron through my hair bringing it back to square one. Apply fuchsia lipstick to draw attention away from my hair.
8:50 Decide to debut my newest purchase, a lace Equipment blouse with a peter-pan collar. Looks great with my angled bob, if I may say so myself.
10:00 Field phone calls from angry PR people demanding their pieces be returned to the showroom.
10:30 An editor calls from upstairs saying a burgundy McQueen gown is about to be delivered. It’s made of ostrich feathers and is coming in a huge crate that may or may not fit through our glass doors.
10:40 A crate the size of a small house arrives at the closet.
10:45 Editor asks me to guestimate its dimensions. I say 3x5x5. She bluntly tells me I’m wrong and asks me to measure it. I do, and discover is 3x5x5.2. Sorry, lady.
10:55 The box is opened revealing a sweeping burgundy gown that is pure drama. It also takes up about 1/5 of the closet.
12:00 p.m. Overhear accessories interns talking about their favorite designers. Honey, if you’re going to work in fashion you should know how to pronounce Maison Margiela and Lanvin correctly.
12:30 Make a bee-line for the salad bar, but eventually give into temptation. Bacon cheeseburger it is. I’ll just work out twice as hard tonight.


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touch ups

imagine my delight when i logged into gilt this morning to see their new pop-up sizing and check-out options. taking note from amazon’s flash sale site myhabit, gilt is following suit in making it easier to browse products.

the highs: 

  • new filtering capabilities are listed on each unique brand sale; folks can filter by category and size easily before viewing all merchandise
  • scroll over pop-ups (as seen above) allow you to scope the available sizes left, purchase, or add to wait list

the lows:

  • filtering could be updated to include color and users exact size since the information is already stored
  • if you choose to add to wish list it redirects you to the product page where you have to re-click ADD TO WAIT LIST and then go through another window to enter your email and size. this should all be done on the original pop-up window.
a step in the right direction, but excited to see how the functionality evolves!
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introducing (the) unlucky rabbit

hello friends! i am so excited to announce the launch of (the) unlucky rabbit, a grass root men’s vintage + independent designer e-commerce website, created by yours truly and a great pal ryan garwin!

when you get a minute, go ahead and LIKE us on Facebook or signup for our email list at theunluckyrabbit.com

i can’t express how pumped i am for the next few weeks! hoping to have the site launched by mid august but stay tuned for sneak peaks and behind the scenes footage coming soon!

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