mad retro

two of my favorite things brilliantly mashed up together:

1. mad men. i’ve been hooked since season one and perpetually loathe the season finale, where i’m forced to wait a ridiculous amount of time until the show airs again. and yes, i like everyone else in america can not get enough of betty draper or her fabulous wardrobe.

2. louis vuitton RTW fall 2010. need i say more? this collection killed me, in the best sort of way. highlights:

  • full skirts
  • the high pony tail
  • unfussy makeup
  • square-toed, block-heeled pumps trimmed with flat bows
  • marc jacobs

i could literally take screen shots of the entire collection, but i’ll spare you and point to for such a task 🙂

some of my favorite reto-inspired dressed at non-LV prices:

BB Dakota via Gilt Groupe – just jumped on this beauty for a whopping $49. heck yes!

Fred Flare – $39.99

The above three are all from ZARA and range from $19 – $70. The red one KILLS me. 🙂




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it's my michael jordan year.
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