Not Your Daughter’s Barbie….

I just stumbled upon photographer Mariel Clayton’s website…and….I have no words. Before we jump in, here’s the ABOUT background on the artist:

“I can’t explain how my mind works, or why these ideas come to it.

It started out with a camera and a major interest in travel photography, but a sublime encounter in a Tokyo toy shop led me into the surreal world of Japanese miniatures, and ultimately to the stories that could be told with them.  Since I started working with dolls, I have grown more and more to appreciate what
can be done with them, how the smallest gesture or placement seems to convey volumes. Also, I happen to think it’s a damn funny medium.

I’m entirely self-taught in photography.

My work isn’t for everyone, but I like it.

Thank you for looking.”

Madness! Check out the site @


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