full circle

i’m OBSESSED with the show swamp people (on the history channel). if you are unfamiliar, the show follows local alligator hunters in Louisiana. during their one month hunting season, these pros earn more  than half of their annual salary – some serious business. besides the characters on the show being high-larious, the visual shots of the swamps just killlll me. it’s love.

this weekend i experienced the san francisco version of swamp people when my pal showed me this sweep spot in golden gate park

not the same. but kind of.

and what would a photo montage of swamp photos be without some Hermes crocodile wallets, vests and card cases, you ask? well not much!

the above is owned by Cameron Silver, owner of vintage haven decades in L.A.

on the above snapshot – “I am a true Hermès addict and have collected Hermès since I was around 18. Decades has always sold vintage and pre-loved Hermès. It is an important part of our business and we have sold everything from Birkins to bags from 1915! They are all amazing. I am partial to crocodile, as you can see.”

from the swamps to Hermes – some fancy alligator accessories. crazy!

Check out more of Silver’s goodies here


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