things that need to be addressed.

forgive me, for i am a child of the nineties and thus shamelessly love mary kate and ashley olsen. their book influence? read it to cover-to-cover in 1 day. i can’t wait to grow up and afford the row but am totally happy rocking elizabeth & james, see:

(second from right – reference the skirt.)

Newsweek just published this profile on the girls – do check it out.

the article also mentions how the girl’s latest venture is an ecommerce site, Style Mint. the idea is that members first take a quick personality / style quiz and based on their results the site will recommend monthly olsen-designed items per the individual user. oh yeah, prices start at $29.99, and trust me i’m not the only one who isn’t afraid to confess their undying love.

so of course, like a good olsen devotee and ecommerce obsessed  shopper i head over to to check out the buzz. here’s the 411:

  • opening line: “an exclusive tshirt collection designed by Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen.” twins are individuals, people.
  • they have a tag above the email widget that reads “membership is limited. get on the list now.” smart. but likely false.
  • my confirmation email came instantly, and told me i made the cut (take that marketers!) yet to secure my space, quick! send this link to 10 friends. secure my space? are the olsens going to make me throw punches to get into their cyber club? i watched so little time, for christ sake!
  • i did get a personalized referral link so i could secure my 10 spot over the social networking site of my choice. fancy.  🙂 and smart, again.
now i want those tshirts STAT!

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