news flash: your friend who hates jewelry does not want a statement ring for her birthday.

buying gifts for friends, even best friends, can be incredibly difficult. especially when buying for one of your closest friends means that sure-bet jewelry gifts are off the table (i don’t understand how this is possible.) regardless, my gaggle of gals has a tradition for the recent milestone birthday year that everyone’s individual gift would be a group purchase. so yet again, the hunt was on.

here are some things to expect when you combine three opinionated ladies who have very distinct and individualized styles. (shopping for a jewelry-hater’s birthday present, no less)

  •  there will be a lot of wallet options. only, if three colors are offered, each person will only like one color, with no two colors overlapping in potential wallet options.
  • outside of the trifecta wallet style, each girl will find a proposed wallet that matches their own style and not the birthday girl’s. remotely.
  • scarf options are not safe either. the animal + floral print scarf? no way. don’t even get me started on the one with poems stitched throughout.
  • candles? watch? pearl necklace – wait no. make-up?

so when you’re striking out, what’s the next logical department? sunglasses. yes, sunglasses, maybe the hardest gift to buy anyone, ever. even if you find a cute pair and take turns trying it on (all 3 of us – guilty) to see what it could potentially look like on the birthday girl, it’s a huuuuge gamble. yet we did it. and i think it’s as spot-on as any other group-gift we’ve done. stay tuned for photos…

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it's my michael jordan year.
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