call me cyril

i have the absolute honor of being nominated for the cyril magnin award @ FIDM, which is announced on the evening of graduation (6/16 – yikes. so close!)

the award is given to the graduate who shows outstanding promise in the field of merchandising and who best exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit of cyril magnin, one of FIDM’s founding advisory board members.

the magnin’s (as you probably already know) are a historic san franciscan family filled with generations of retail giants. cyril’s grandmother + grandfather isaac magnin founded i. magnin department store in 1876. eventually cyril’s father started his own store, joseph magnin, which cyril later took over and brought massive success to by introducing juniors sportswear to a market of young women with deep pockets.

in addition to the targeted merchandise, cyril was also well known for using bright colors both in store and in advertisements. when other retailers were using photographs in ads, cyrill had betty brader illustrate drawings of the garments. take a look below, they’re pretty fantastic:

i was lucky enough to interview today with cyril’s daughter ellen magnin newman and her husband walter – it was extraordinary to talk to her about her family’s history and her take on the future of retailing. 🙂

wish me luck!


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