talking heads

how terrific is this bracelet? i’m thinking this would make an excellent graduation gift for myself, no? 🙂

*PS – i was having a conversation with my sister last weekend about what i want for graduation. it should be noted that my sister and i could not be more opposite in how we dress (in a good way). she’s the best jewish wasp i know, if that paints a picture. here’s how our convo went:

her: what do you want as a gift for graduation?

me: ohh! i found the most amazing bracelet ever online!

her: ya? what’s it look like? who makes it?

me: i’m blanking on the designer name, but you can get it @ OC. it has teeny tiny heads painted and fastened on a rhinestoned cuff…

her: (shoots me a look as if the heads are REAL / i’m nuts) what? (laughter) no. no way. not happening.

sheesh! ohhh sisters……

Photo via Opening Ceremony 








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