in a marc minute

i come from a place where marc jacobs can do no wrong. there’s nothing better when your favorite designers are profiled to any capacity, which is why i can’t finish this post fast enough to finish reading the NY Time’s article entitled THE SURVIVOR, which profiles marc in honor of his nomination for the lifetime achievement award @ the CFDA.

marc was also interviewed by WWD per his nomination, where he spilled on the much talked about RTW 2011 show – the cut recaps:

On the resources he gets from LVMH to put on extravagant Louis Vuitton shows, such as the last one inspired by The Night Porter:
“If you look at our first Vuitton show, we wanted to send out a nice collection of simple clothes with all the logos on the inside and one single bag on Kirsten Owen. It has evolved into, ‘OK, this is Paris. Let’s have three elevators.’ I asked for six; I got three. So we’re like, ‘Let’s get Kate Moss, Naomi. Let’s fly in Stella. Let’s fly in Carolyn and Amber.’ You want a show? Okay guys, I’ll give you a show.”

i love love loved this show – the set, the sheer fabrics, the handcuffs, the hats, KATE walking down the runway smoking a cigarette? i mean, come on!

between the times + WWD, i’ve got my summer reading cut out for me 🙂



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