not possible.

i don’t care how good you look doing it, there’s nothing practical about riding a bike in heels and a minidress. nope. don’t care if you’re a super model or super coordinated, there’s just no way anyone can actually look good riding down the street in heeled ankle boots, dress going this way and that, all the while hoping you don’t get run over by a bus. (it happens, i’ve seen it several times and have heard my bike-friendly friends tell their horror stories!)

maybe it’s because i live in sf, where the summer wind would literally destroy everything about this picture in a flash, or perhaps because i don’t enjoy heels nor do i even know how to ride a bike. 🙂

but ahh, yes, hanneli looks so chic here, as she often does. bike and all.




About jacqueline4

it's my michael jordan year.
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