fully filtered

i unintentionally found the pot of gold for my internet shopping rainbow today at neimanmarcus.com. i had originally wandered to the site to check out rachel zoe’s new line which is now sold at the luxury retailer (and in a word – yawn!) and then i found myself on the homepage enticed by the FIND IT FAST – TIPS FOR FILTERING tag-line.

one of the BIGGEST battles i have with shopping online is the horrible filtering methods that are provided; let’s paint a picture with a shoe example. many online retailers allow customers to browse by category or style but not in an either / or / both setting, forcing users to view one at a time. for example, if i want to search flats and oxfords in black and tan, well, good luck because it’s not happening! to perfect the user experience, folks should be able to identify the style, color, size, price points, etc. without any restrictions to best view the merchandise.

so low and behold, here comes neimanmarcus.com with a beautiful tutorial on how to navigate their site (above photos) and im hooked! the layout for filtering is clean, easy to use and simplified. you can browse by designer, category, color, size, season, trend, and all of my shoe complaints previously mentioned are solved! someone hand me a hammer and a piggy bank (preferably yours as mine is filled with cobwebs!)





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it's my michael jordan year.
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