on my wish list: a wish list that does SOMETHING

how many of you have actually taken the time to enter things into a wish list online? do you revisit your wish list items, praying that from the last time you cyber stalked that gucci bag you’ll actually have the cash to commit and purchase?

while wish lists are a standard feature on ecom sites, i find them to be consistently impractical and pointless. let’s explore some ways to maximize the wish list while also increasing sales and customer retention. here we go!:

1. tell me when my wish list item is on sale: everyone consumer loves a good deal – and merchants seem to enjoy sending generic email blasts when they’re having a sale but what they’re NOT doing is making the sale relevant to the customer. if i’m taking the time to note that i love j brand jeans, then i think i should be alerted when j brand jeans from my wish list are on sale, right?

2. suggest items i’ll like based on my wish list entries: wish lists are great by virtue that the merchant gets a straight shot into the consumers mind re: brands, styles and sizes that are relevant and important to the customer. thus the merchant should put together a quick recap of various merchandise that fits similar criteria and send the user an email blast with items they may also like. why thank you, brand xyx for thinking of me!

3. install cookies on my page views: oh the wonders of repetition. ever wonder how those shoes you casually browsed on zappos.com suddenly appear in a banner ad on people.com? the power of cookies allows brands to repetitively advertise select merchandise outside of their webpage – as much as we may detest this there’s something about seeing that pair of shoes 30 times in 30 places that makes me second guess sitting on my hands.

4. get viral and incentivize: brands can empower folks to share their wish list items across social media with the idea that each item they share enters them into a sweepstakes campaign to win wish list items at no cost. seems easy enough, no?

the point being is that brands should do something, anything with this sitting duck of revenue. if you’ve come across a website that makes use of their wish list functionality, please share!



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