the joys of back to school shopping

back to school shopping was quit possibly the best thing ever for pre-teen girls. your parents were OBLIGATED to buy you clothes for the new school year which meant popping in and out of favored stores such as guess?, abercrombie and fitch and a slew of department stores (robinson’s may, anyone?)

however with the expansion of e-commerce, folks are forecasted to purchase a majority of their back-t0-school (BTS) buys online in order to get better deals and lower costs. to put it in numbers, 69% of consumers plan to shop online and use comparison shopping sites as a money-saving technique, compared with 23% in 2010.

in order to boost online sales, companies are leveraging an array of options spanning from social media, mobile, QR codes and celebrity endorsements to get the attention of parents and their BTS broad. no longer will kids have to suffer as their parents make their way into the dressing room to veto that flaming hologram t-shirt you so desperately wanted.

what do you think – would you miss the physical outing of BTS shopping or enjoy digitizing your BTS needs knowing that the selena gomez facebook page was created entirely to increase sales at kmart?

story by wwd



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