three cheers to interns of the world

we all loved the devil wears prada, but we also wonder what the heck is really going on inside the glass doors of some of fashion’s biggest and best publications.

behold the intern diaries – notes from the fashion underground, which gives a hilarious breakdown of intern work at the major glossies. they are seriously addicting, check out a snippet from the site:

7:30 a.m. My head hurts.
7:32 Receive a text from an unknown number. WHAT did I do last night?
8:15 Attempt to curl my stick-straight hair of Asian silk. Every curl goes limp the minute I take the curling iron away. New plan.
8:35 Run a flat iron through my hair bringing it back to square one. Apply fuchsia lipstick to draw attention away from my hair.
8:50 Decide to debut my newest purchase, a lace Equipment blouse with a peter-pan collar. Looks great with my angled bob, if I may say so myself.
10:00 Field phone calls from angry PR people demanding their pieces be returned to the showroom.
10:30 An editor calls from upstairs saying a burgundy McQueen gown is about to be delivered. It’s made of ostrich feathers and is coming in a huge crate that may or may not fit through our glass doors.
10:40 A crate the size of a small house arrives at the closet.
10:45 Editor asks me to guestimate its dimensions. I say 3x5x5. She bluntly tells me I’m wrong and asks me to measure it. I do, and discover is 3x5x5.2. Sorry, lady.
10:55 The box is opened revealing a sweeping burgundy gown that is pure drama. It also takes up about 1/5 of the closet.
12:00 p.m. Overhear accessories interns talking about their favorite designers. Honey, if you’re going to work in fashion you should know how to pronounce Maison Margiela and Lanvin correctly.
12:30 Make a bee-line for the salad bar, but eventually give into temptation. Bacon cheeseburger it is. I’ll just work out twice as hard tonight.



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