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while in school at FIDM this past year i can’t tell you how much research i found on retail strategies that emphasize the story or background of a product, explaining where it came from, how it’s made, etc. whether it be behind the scenes footage of the creation of the product, spotlight features about the designers or an overview of textiles used, consumers are expecting to connect to products and brands on a deeper level by understanding the creative process. the row used to be a perfect example of this before they redid their website – their landing page was formally high resolution snapshots of the rich textiles they used in their collection, giving the user an idea of why that sweater retailed for $1500….

and in today’s news the strategy spills over to mega-retailer the gap, who is in desperate need of brand rejuvenation (as you probably already know). the company recently launched their latest campaign that takes us behind the scenes of the 1969 denim factory in LA (above photo) as well as introducing us to unknown designers and creatives. collaborating with the cool hunter (the name says it all) the company pushed 30 short videos out showcasing the factories and teams working to make the company hip again.

aside from the major print publications / glossies, videos will be featured on cool hunting, refinery29, dailycandy, fabsugar, glam, hulu, pandora, lookbook, trendcentral, rolling stone and the brand’s facebook page. talk about a target audience.

seth farbman, gap’s global CMO explains: “it’s quite a shift from past campaigns. this is the beginning of a longer-term strategy…targeting millennials, whose retail allegiances to the gap in many cases have frayed. the campaign will be more visible in the social media and digital world, than in traditional media. when you look at how millennials consume information, it is not in a simple, transactional way.”

what do you think? will the new campaign / videos entice you to revisit the brand? for me, it’s going to take more than a solid marketing strategy to get me to spend money there – i could do an entirely separate post on the quality of clothes / design but i’ll spare you my bitching 🙂

story via WWD


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